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About Us

​​Deployant Advisors are consultants, brokers, strategists, and designers. We partner with companies to provide innovative solutions that reduce costs and create optimal value for their most important asset: their employees. Our collaborative approach – providing human resource advisory services and employee benefits and risk management expertise – makes us unique in the industry, allowing us to develop and maintain employee benefit programs that fit our clients’ budget and goals. 

Our human resources advisory practice incorporates all areas of guidance from compliance to strategy, helping companies attain and preserve an efficient, satisfied workforce. Drawing from our deep well of expertise and proven track record of understanding our clients and their unique needs, we ensure alignment between corporate goals and the people who execute those goals.

Our brokerage professionals are experts in employee benefits, risk management and compliance strategies.  We are committed to providing our clients with sophisticated and innovative solutions to create a comprehensive program that improve benefits, decrease costs, and add value for employers and their employees.